Emerging Areas of Materials Science

The capacity of a country to exploit nature as well as the ability to meet the challenges that the posture is determined by in-depth knowledge of materials and the ability to develop and produce them for other applications together. Advanced materials are the center of much technology development affecting our lives. Electronic materials for communication and information technology, fiber optics, laser fiber sensors for intelligent environments, energy materials for renewable energy and  environment, light alloys for a better means of transport , Materials for strategic applications, V.V. Advanced documents have a greater role  in the coming years because of their many uses and can enhance the help of  all mankind. Emerging technologies are technical innovations representing growth in a competitive advantage area. The list of current emerging technologies, which includes some of the most important developments, advancements and innovations taking place in materials science and nanotechnology, are Graphene, Fullerene, Conductive Polymers, Metamaterials, Nanomaterial’s carbon nanotubes, superalloys, lithium-ion batteries, etc.

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