Nanotechnology in Medicine and drug delivery

Nano Medicine is a use of nanotechnology. Nano medication ranges from the restorative utilizations of Nano Materials and Nano Electronic biosensors, and significantly more conceivable future uses of sub-atomic nanotechnology, for example, organic machines, Nano biotechnology is a rising field that is conceivably changing the way we treat ailments through medication conveyance and tissue designing. Critical difficulties stay in pushing this field into clinically practical treatments. For medication conveyance, the outline and testing of novel strategies for controlling the communication of Nano materials with the body is a portion of the present obstructions to making an interpretation of these advancements to treatment.

  • Some natural polymers in nanodrug delivery
  • Polymer–drug conjugates
  • Multifunctional drug carriers
  • Liposomes
  • Macroemulsions

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